Skateboard Design Project
Color Theory — 2014
Objective: Create a visually appealing skateboard design that practices the different color theory principles taught throughout the course. This was done using a used skateboard, sanded then lined with tape and cut by hand and painted with spray painted. I used red green and blue, and with a tint and shade of each. This project was all about the process and getting down and dirty with the design. I really enjoyed the hands on work and seeing the end result after all the work put into it. 
Heres a short video of part of the process. The best part was taking the tape off to see the completed design. 
The completed skateboard took two days of sanding, and four days of painting and layering. Next time im using a laser cutter...
All of the designs were cut out by hand, and hand drawn. It took a long time to do, but I wantd to have something I made entirely... No laser cutters, no prefabricated shapes.
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